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Pathology Services at Aditya Hospital

Welcome to the Department of Pathology at Aditya Hospital, where our skilled pathologists and laboratory professionals work diligently to provide accurate and timely diagnostic services. We play a crucial role in supporting clinical care by analyzing specimens, conducting tests, and delivering reliable results to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our laboratory utilizes molecular diagnostic methods, including PCR and genetic testing, to identify genetic markers and mutations associated with specific diseases.

We employ IHC techniques to detect specific proteins in tissues, aiding in the characterization of tumours and other pathological conditions.

Flow cytometry is used for analyzing and characterizing cells, particularly in blood disorders and immunological conditions.

Pathology Services at Aditya Hospital Services at Aditya Hospital

Choosing Pathology services at Aditya Hospital means choosing a centre where accuracy, efficiency, and patient care are paramount. Our pathology team is dedicated to providing high-quality diagnostic services, contributing to the overall excellence in patient care. We look forward to serving you with commitment and expertise in the realm of pathology.

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